Chardham Yatra From Haridwar by Helicopter

Char Dham trip is a master trip for all Hindu pilgrims in India and also for the general travelers. While the general travelers enjoy the Scenic Beauty of the flora and fauna, snowline and tree-line all across, the pilgrims aspires to get a glance of their deities. The entire journey is fully troublesome but blessed with ultimate peace and fun. To cut short the extra trouble of the journey from Gangotri to Yamunotri, or from Yamunotri to Kedarnath and make the trek shorter, you can avail a helicopter service though.


You might be on the trip with your old parents, with your baby kid and there can be so many obligations for the trekking trip. Helicopter trip from Haridwar is the best way to avoid all such things and make your trip wonderfully beautiful. It will reduce the timing of the trip and over and all, you will love the entire trip in style. Just land at the spot, visit the place and go to the next spot – it's like a sightseeing in one city.

How to Avail the Trip: The Trip Map

You will be taking the copter from Haridwar and the copter can accommodate up to 4 members of the crew. Hence, your small family trip is perfect to be accommodated therein a copter. You will be taken to the two of the best destinations of India, related to scenic beauty and which are regarded as the two of the mightiest destinations for pilgrimage. There is no need to feel that you will miss out the scenic beauty of the place as the copter moves only by keeping the safe distance. Hence, you will find the beauty of the place from the top.

After completing Gangotri and Yamunotri in the day time (as there is no hotel at the place for your accommodation) you will be taken to the king of all holy places of India, the Badrinath Dham. There you will find the day on accommodation for the night. In the morning prepare yourself with a bath at the hot spring of Alokananda and pay homage at the Badrinath temple. Take your time there, move around and also take a look at the surrounding. The next day morning trip will be to Kedarnath. Enjoy the full day there and land at Haridwar in the noon time.

You have now completed the topmost places of pilgrimage in India and that too in style.

Enjoy the day out and get to the temple next day morning and after you are fit and fine, we will be moving to the Kedarnath Dham. Make the same and stay there with absolute luxury. As you complete the trip there and complete paying homage, we will come back to Haridwar again. So, it is just a two day’s trip and the entire show is before you. Hence, what are you thinking about now? You are very much right – things are so easy now. Get to us and avail a pre-booking immediately.